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The process of shaping metals by bending is another area of material processing that we deal with. Precision and careful workmanship are the results of our experience and machinery. The bending machines we use are characterized by modern technology, thanks to which we ensure high work efficiency and the ability to obtain almost any shape.

Our projects

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Bending is the plastic processing of materials, during which a force acts on the processed material, creating curvatures, but without affecting its dimensions and properties. This allows us to create very complex shapes.
When bending, we use CNC technology. We have a large machine park and many years of experience, which translate into the quality of our work, precision, quick and repeatable creation of elements.

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The press brakes we have have a pressure of up to 3 tons and can accommodate sheets with maximum dimensions of 3000×1500. The bending angle measured with a measuring laser allows for accurate repeatability of the elements.